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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nanoparticles and Associated Diseases

Nanoparticles and Associated Diseases

Continuous effort to understand the beneficial and otherwise effects of Nano is needed, as we are all continuously exposed to many of such particles on a regular basis. E.g., exposure to diesel nanoparticles have been found to damage the cardiovascular system in a mouse model.

As the use of nanomaterials increases worldwide, concerns are mounting. To address such concerns, the Swedish Karolinska Institute conducted a study in which various nanoparticles were introduced to human lung epithelial cells. The results showed that iron oxide nanoparticles caused little DNA damage and were non-toxic. Zinc oxide nanoparticles were slightly worse. Titanium dioxide caused only DNA damage. Carbon nanotubes caused DNA damage at low levels. Copper oxide was found to be the worst offender, and was the only nanomaterial identified by the researchers as a clear health risk.

Source: Wikipedia