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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Is Cancer Preventable ?

Cancer is a deadly disease however it appears to be more of a dreaded than a deadly one in many cases. As per the WHO about 40% of the cases seem to be preventable and has a high potential for cure if detected early. It is very likely that people get panic when they hear or are diagnosed with cancer. This fear often arises out of lack of information, knowledge and misconceptions. We realized that if we can put the knowledge of disease and its relationship with the environmental and occupational factors, lifestyles and social practices in to action, then majority of the cases can be prevented or even cured. It seems that because of the impact of the environmental factors, the cancers are region specific. In India the highest incidence of cancers in men are in the Head and Neck regions whereas in women the highest incidence of cancers are Cervix Uteri and Breast cancers. Whereas in US and many parts of Europe Prostate, Breast, colon, and lung cancers are most common and in Japan there are many cases of stomach cancer but in the other parts of the world this type of cancer is rare. This clearly demonstrates its region specificity. With this knowledge and understanding, we realized that many of these cancers are preventable and even curable if detected early.

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Dr. V. S. Karra, Ph.D.