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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Study Fine-Tunes Link Between Endometriosis, Ovarian Cancer

"Clinicians need to be aware of the increased risk of specific ovarian cancer subtypes in women with endometriosis." A threefold increased risk of clear-cell invasive ovarian cancer in patients with self-reported endometriosis (P less than .0001) was found. A twofold increased risk was noted for low-grade serous (P less than .0001) and endometrioid invasive ovarian cancers (P less than .0001). "On the basis of evidence, including the results of molecular studies, endometriosis should be thought of as a precursor lesion for clear-cell and endometrioid ovarian cancers, whereas the type of association with low-grade serous ovarian cancers requires further follow-up," wrote the authors.

Dr. Gourley suggested that while the results do not mandate targeted ovarian cancer screening of patients with endometriosis, such screening should be considered.