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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Efforts to make us all IMMORTAL

Any or all of the following one day may make us all live forever 

1. Nanotechnology: The idea is to have machines that use nanotechnology to flow through our body and repair our damaged and aging cell endlessly to ensure that death is never a possibility. Even in the case of injuries, organ can be re-grown, blood replenished and memories and personalities can be stored in a back up unit which will transmit them back into our brain once trauma is healed.
A word of CAUTION:  Make sure that these self-replicating nano-robots are kept under control as they could replicate endlessly otherwise, can rip your own body to shreds. So much for immortality then!

2. Biological: Scientists are trying reluntlessly to unravel the mystery behind how the flatworm manages to stay young and does not age and could replace its cells endlessly. Scientists are making efforts to do just that in man, but need to wait untill 2050.

3. Immortal Stem Cells: By proving the ‘Immortal DNA’ scientists have now paved way for trying to prevent the process of aging in ordinary cells as well by trying to ensure that they too acquire the features of the ‘immortal stem cells’.

4. Cybernetic: Transfer ourselves into the virtual world and live in a shell of a machine forever.

5. Enzyme: By controlling and altering a particular enzyme called ‘Immortality Enzyme’, one could remain ‘Forever Young’.
A word of CAUTION: But the enzyme is a double edged sword as it also seems to have an ability to fuel cancer if triggered the wrong way.

6. DNA Preservation:  Store your DNA till the day science stumbles upon technology to regenerate a person using just his DNA. If everything goes as anticipated one day we may all live forever to fullfil our aspirations.
A word of CAUTION: The article says that "Of course, once you are dead, it is not like you can sue the banks for throwing away your DNA!