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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Position Statement on Excercise and Immunity

It is of two parts:

Part one of this position statement focuses on ‘immune function and exercise’ and part two on ‘maintaining immune health’.

Part one: "immune function and exercise"

Part one provides a brief introduction and history followed by sections on:
  1. Respiratory infections and exercise;
  2. Cellular innate immune function and exercise;
  3. Acquired immunity and exercise;
  4. Mucosal immunity and exercise;
  5. Immunological methods in exercise immunology;
  6. Anti-inflammatory effects of physical activity;
  7. Exercise and cancer, and finally,
  8. “omics” in exercise.

Part two:     ‘maintaining immune health

Part two of the position statement includes sections on:

  1. Training considerations;
  2. Nutritional countermeasures to exercise-induced immune perturbations;
  3. Effects of stress on immune function;
  4. Sleep disruption and immune function;
  5. Environmental extremes and the immune response to exercise and finally,
  6. Prevention and treatment of common infections.


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